Welcome from the ESTEC Flying Club


Dear Flying Enthusiast, (Student) Pilot,

Dear Member,

All our members have joined the ESTEC Flying Club for one and the same reason, they work at ESTEC and they are enthusiastic about flying in one way or another. Flying motor planes, gliders, motor gliders, para-gliders, or what else you find up in the air, this enthusiasm is the same as found in any of the thousands of other flying clubs around the world.

A friend of mine and instructor once offered that what he liked most about GA (General aviation) flying was that everyone has made a firm choice to be up there. “It takes time, money and risk”, he had added. “You can’t play unless you’re willing to put in those three ingredients.” True enough. Each of us mixes up a personal brew of those ingredients to fly, sometimes trading off one aspect for another. In any case you can’t do without them. And as you will see on the following pages, ESTEC’s location in one of the most GA – unfriendly countries (hmmm….., we meant to say ‘most commercial airspace’ in Europe) will of course impact this mix. But it can be done no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Beyond the calendar, contacts lists and other pages, this website will try to provide you with “local” information that you can’t find elsewhere. For all the rest please follow the links on our links page, or check the site info page for pages still under construction.

And always happy landings …

The Chairman

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